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  • Aromatherapy

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    How can aromatherapy help?

    Essential oils are used to address many ailments. They can be most effective when used to address the root cause.

    Oils can be used to treat depression, anxiety, concentration, sinus irritation, nausea and burns to name just a few. Oils can also be used in household cleaning and sanitizing as well as meditation.

    Aromatherapy has become a staple of holistic wellness and Naturopathic medicine. The word “essential” refers to the concentration of the “essence” of the plant taken from the leaves, stalks and roots. Oils can be used for physical, psychological or spiritual ailments.

    Aromatherapy can be used in personal training and fitness classes just as well as in massage, yoga and psychotherapy.

    At Samata Behavioral Health & Wellness Institute, aromatherapy is integrated into our therapies as a general practice. It’s hard to ignore the benefits of essential oils in terms of wellness.

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